Sunday, 17 June 2012

Waxy Sunday pt2 The process and Product

All in all the whole thing went smoothly except I started to run out of glue whilst sticking the crayons on and had to send someone to the shop for more. Besides that though it all went well though my glue gun did spark and blow up whilst I was trying to use it later on and scared the crap out of me, But anyway here are a few photos I took whilst I was doing it.

The longest part of the whole thing was taking the rapping off of the crayons, its was a lot more difficult that I had first anticipated though.
I'm really happy with the way the whole thing turned out and really want to try it again but doing some different designs and shapes.

The final piece. 

I also did this, I had a lot of crayon shavings everywhere, I recalled taking this picture in the past and thought it would be a cool little idea to stick them on the plate to make them look like the meal. After doing so I thought about how cool it might look of I did a series of these but using a new material on top of the image each time. 

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