Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Creative Week/ Day 3/ Thorpness/Photo Op

Bit of a late post but today me, Iona and Mikaela took a little trip out to one of our favourite places Thorpness and I thought what better idea than to take my camera and try and get a few a good shots. About a year ago I did a set on my film camera called The Beach which were all taken at Thorpness and even since I have been dying to get back to take some more pictures. I decided to try and get some good digital shots today and have been editing a few of them in photoshop. I decided to mess around colour balance mainly and am actually quite happy with the results.
At the moment I have only edited a few images as I'm still trying to decided which other images I like. I always find myself when taking pictures, taking hundreds of images and only really ever using about 4 or 5 of them, sometimes even less. I think most of the time its because I'm being too critical but thats because I hate to upload/show off whatever an image that I'm not completely happy with.

 I love taking photographs like this and find it really helpful when I get the opportunity to photograph people and figures. In the past I've stuck to taking photos of scenery or objects etc. I do find it quite hard to direct people when taking their photo so most of the time I just linger back and press the shutter whenever I see them make a movement or a face etc that I like.  I like being able to take photographs of people in a moment, whilst their maybe starting into space or fiddling with their hair or tying up their shoes. I like to take pictures of people being quite natural.
I really love photographing Iona and Mikaela because there not afraid to move around, not afraid of the camera, to interact with the camera. I do sometimes feel sorry for them for always getting dragged into my photographs but I think it is because I love they way they act around it. They'll let me just linger back, and document what I'm doing.

At the moment these are images that I'm happy enough with to upload, let me know what you think, what works and what doesn't or example. I always encourage feedback as it helps me to learn and improve.

I feel we were quite lucky as we had the weather on our side today and I'm really happy with these five shots. I plan on continuing to mess around with a few more images to see what I can get out of them but at the moment I think these are the best shots that were taken.  

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