Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Workshop.

In a bid to get some experience on set building and design, over the past couple of months I have been volunteering with my local theatrical group and helping them to get ready for their latest performance of The Match Girls. 

In the last few months of university I think I finally realised what direction of work I wanted to go in, Art direction, set/prop design, something along those lines. I know last few months? But I see it as better late than never. Anyway I thought it would be a good idea to try and get some first hand experience in that field, after a little pub trip and some exchanging of numbers I was introduced to a man called Peter and his team and began helping out. 

Every Wednesday they meet in a barn not too far from where I live and basically build the set/backdrop/probs etc, its honestly been such a great experience, as soon as I got there I was told what was going on and thrown into it, which at first was terrifying but also really encouraging. 
With 2 handymen in the family I've always grown up around tools/equipment and my dad and granddad building anything from tables, shelves, sheds everything so I've always been quite interested in being able to build things. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

We Are Ramblers.

This is going to be a minimal word post and more of an appreciation for the great outdoors. If you know me, you know I love to go one long walks and anything that involves the woods, forests tress and I absolutely love taking photographs of it. Anyway these are a bunch of pictures from a couple of rambles myself and Sam went on whilst we were still in Sheffield, they've been sitting on my computer for so long and thought was about time I posted them. The first set are from a crazy 12 mile walk we did back in April and the second from June. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Exhibition Pit-Stop Pt3

And here we are again, this exhibition was actually the last exhibition in Sheffield I managed to see before moving back home and one that I really enjoyed. 

Site Gallery; 'E-Vapor-8 is a group exhibition, curated by writer, editor and curator Francesca Gavin, looking at the influence and relationship between contemporary art and rave music from the early 1990s. It traces a fascination with rave culture and happy hardcore by young British and American artists, many of whom are absorbing and re-appropriating a cultural moment they were too young to participate in. The exhibition, named after a 1992 single by the band Altern 8, touches on how the hedonism and cultural upheaval of rave has passed. Ideas around intellectual and physical freedom, rebellion and myth-making are all at play.
Participating artists are: Fatima Al Qadiri and Sophia Al-Maria, Harry Burden, Rhys Coren, Petra Cortright, Jeremy Deller, Adham Faramawy, Alexandra Gorczynski, Marisa Olson, Hannah Perry, Christian J. Petersen, Travess Smalley, Lucy Stokton, and Daniel Swan.'
From what I can remember, walking into the exhibition room was like walking into my own personal rave room. At the time it was only myself and Nikita in the room, the 90s rave was playing and we were almost blinded by the bright, flashing lights that filled the room. I'm pretty sure at one point I stopped to have a little dance whilst no one was around, because I really got sucked into the experience. Thats something which was really great about this exhibit and actually most of the exhibits at the site gallery, not only do they showcase interesting pieces, but they consider the atmosphere for the viewer, making it almost feel like you are apart of the piece itself. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ready, Steady, Cookbook!

I am quite excited to share this with you all as this has been a project that myself and Sue, (client/family friend) have been working hard on for the past few months and this week just launched.

Exhibition Pit-Stops Pt2

Another exhibition which really stuck out for me was the Wu Chi-Tsung Dust exhibit at the Site Gallery, Sheffield. As you can see (april to may) this was something that I visited a very long time ago, but never the less I wanted to include it because it was a really nice experience and worth sharing.

From the website; 'Wu Chi-Tsung uses everyday materials in elegant and inventive ways to create meditative, dream-like environments. Dust captures the shadows of minute, usually invisible dust particles, as they spiral around the audience to make a mesmerising abstract projection.
Crystal City 003, a newly-commissioned installation, invites the audience to witness a shifting cityscape. Filling the space with moving light and shadow, the installation draws playful parallels with the pace of urban development in Asia today.'
When we entered the room, behind a curtain, everything was silent, dark and all you could see were the flickering shadows of the dust resting on the projector. For me it was a somewhat calming and pleasant experience and probably the first and only time that I have ever seen dust as something beautiful.  The next room we entered was the shadowing city scape, and I kid you not, myself and Gemma probably stayed in there for about half an hour just watching it pass from side to side. Again this was something we found so simple but fascinating and so damn calming. During this time we were taking a break from a very stressful few months of prep-ing for the end of final year, so all the calming vibes were very welcomed! 

Site Gallery Archive page for Dust. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Out & About || 24 Hours in London. || Pt 2.

Hello again, here with part 2 and final part of the London Getaway posts. I won't blabber this time, let get to it..

After hitting the museum Iona mentioned that whilst she had been living in London, one of the things that she really wanted to try out and go see were the Emirates Cable Cars over the Thames, I'm always one for admiring a good view so I we jumped on the tube and headed over.  Being inside the little pod felt sort of like a holiday activity but was really lovely. A little video and voice over played as glided over the Thames and the view was just lovely, the sun shine definitely made everything look much prettier and I was amazed at how much of London you could see. I always think its so lovely to be able to see a city from a high vantage point. I imagine this would be great to see at sunset.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Out & About || 24 Hours in London. || Pt 1.

This wasn't scheduled in but I wanted to get this post up before it all leaves my brain and months have pasted by because lets be honest, I'm terrible and it probably would have. 
This will be a 2 part post as I may have gone a little snap happy and didn't want to cram everything into one super long post! I hope you enjoy and lets get started!