Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Out & About || 24 Hours in London. || Pt 2.

Hello again, here with part 2 and final part of the London Getaway posts. I won't blabber this time, let get to it..

After hitting the museum Iona mentioned that whilst she had been living in London, one of the things that she really wanted to try out and go see were the Emirates Cable Cars over the Thames, I'm always one for admiring a good view so I we jumped on the tube and headed over.  Being inside the little pod felt sort of like a holiday activity but was really lovely. A little video and voice over played as glided over the Thames and the view was just lovely, the sun shine definitely made everything look much prettier and I was amazed at how much of London you could see. I always think its so lovely to be able to see a city from a high vantage point. I imagine this would be great to see at sunset.

Next up we headed over to the Wellcome Collection gallery/venue to check out an exhibition called 

"Explore our idiosyncratic A to Z illustrated with a curious combination of Henry Wellcome’s weird and wonderful collection of objects, medical artefacts, paintings, photographs and sculptures, and some equally intriguing contemporary artworks.
Watch the birth of the first test-tube baby (B for Birthdays), listen to Florence Nightingale speak (V for Voice) and sneak a peek at porcelain fruit showing sexual foreplay (X for X-rated)". 
Sadly I didn't get pictures from inside this show but it was so interesting to walk around and interact with some of the collection. The exhibition is open until October 12th so there is still time to check it out. One of the things that really stuck out for me was a video showing the effects of shell shock and lose of limps from the war, it showed a particular man who was suffering from a phantom limb 
'phantom limb is the sensation that an amputated or missing limb (even an organ, like the appendix) is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts.' 
It was so interesting to see how the man was coping and eventually how he managed to overcome it. 

As we were heading out of the Human Conditions exhibit, we stumbled across another in the room opposite called Medicine Now 
'This exhibition presents a range of ideas about science and medicine since Henry Wellcome's death in 1936. It reflects the experiences and interests of scientists, doctors and patients.
Within the huge field of medicine this exhibition attempts to focus on only a few topics: the body, genomes, obesity and living with medical science.' 

There were quite a few odd things in this exhibition but was so interesting to walk around and learn about, Biology was always my favourite science at school and I've always been quite fascinated with how the human body is displayed though art eg illustrations and installations. This is a permanent exhibition so if you around the area and maybe have a free day or lunch break I'd recommend going to see it. 
And that my friends is the end of my trip, after this we just stopped off for some food in the park and I headed to the station back home. Like I said it was only a quick 24 hour trip but we still managed to fit a lot in and it felt like a good, very educational but fun trip away.  Is there anywhere in London in particular you like to visit or go on little trips? I'd love to know. Thanks for sticking it out and hopefully it won't be too long until the next one. 

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