Friday, 21 June 2013

Out and About

This isn't really going to be a designy post, more of a "what I did today" but I thought I would just fit in a quick post and some pictures from the trip before I go on my holidays. 
With everyone being really busy this holidays and not being around, today was one of the few days we had to go out and enjoy each others company. I decided to keep it relaxed and take a trip to Felixstowe beach, get some fresh air, eat some ice cream and have a nice catch up. 
Although I complain about Suffolk and its very slow pace of life, it days like today where I do appreciate it, being able to just take a day, get some air, do nothing and just feel like the old lady that I am. 
We started our day but just watching boats sailing, the waves and enjoying the sea air, before getting lunch at a what appeared to be a 50s style diner. It was wonderful, the music, the milkshakes and the decor and spent the rest of day walking on the beach front, chatting about life, beach huts and dogs. Its seems simple but honestly it was just lovely to spend time with my friends. 
Whilst we stopped off for a rest I decided to just start messing around and taking some pictures of Mikaela, these are no way intending to be awesome photo shooty pictures, just a bit of fun and because Miakela had a wonderful outfit on. 
So here are some snaps of the day! 

 Just going to leave this one here because they are utterly ridiculous. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Double Trouble

At the weekend I finally was able to go and spend the day with Zoe and meet the new addition to the family, Blue the dog. It was a wonderful day catching up and although the weather wasn't great we took the dogs (Alfie & Blue) for a walk in the fields. 
Zoe had asked me to bring my camera along and take a few photos for her and lets just say chasing very excitable dogs around a field is a lot harder than it looks! HA!  Never the less with a few bribes we managed and I thought I would share a couple of my favourites from the day. 
I've photographed animals before but they have mainly been animals in the zoo or in cages etc, not really moving around much and kept within a certain space, photographing two dogs who have an entire field to run around, very different. It was an experience but very fun, I'd quite like to do something like this again, It was refreshing and nice to be photographing something new and different for a change. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Long Summer//Planning//Inspiration

So seeing as the university year is over, the summer holidays have started and time for me to make a start on some mini summer projects. One of these mini projects being organising another photo shoot. I't's been a while since I've done one and I'd really like to have to images to mess around with again that aren't just trees and leaves. 
So today I have been looking for inspiration. I started by having a scroll though tumblr and flicking through the pages of Hunger Magazine, looking out for colour ideas, locations and just the general genre I want to take. 

I thought I would share a couple of my favourite pages that I picked out today, I'm not going to mention what I have in mind at the moment but I'm sure you can assume something from these images. I'm very lucky in that hopefully with this project I will be working with some very talented friends and will hopefully be producing something exciting and hopefully fairly soon, But for now I'm still looking for inspiration and trying to sort some things out. 

I'm also going to be going on holiday in a couple weeks and plan on taking my film camera along for the ride, so will hopefully come back with some brilliant holiday snaps.
I think thats all for now folks!