Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Eelpie Island // Art House Open day

The Sunday just passed, I headed down the London to visit Eelpie Island, an island in the Thames at Twickenham to check out the Art House Open studios. 
The Island is home to around 26 artists studios situated a working boatyard and is usually only open for about 2/4 days of the year, a chance to have a look around the studios and chat to the artists themselves.  I honestly had heard nothing about it before Gemma send us (and by us I mean myself, Gemma, Sam & Jo)  a link, either way I was intrigued.  
So Sunday rolled around and met the others in London and had an explore. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting from the day but it turned out to be a nice way to spend the day. Wondering around the studios, admiring the work, (which I must say I do slightly regret not buying a beautiful mug I found), taking some snaps and then heading in to the town to a street market, having a explore around the river whilst Sam and Jo played giant chess and finding some rather lovely looking secret gardens. 
I'll leave a link to the website about the open studios incase you want to find out more and I'll leave you with a few snaps from the day. 
I've decided to do a couple of collage style clusters of photographs as I'm not completely happy with the quality of the images, (I used a different film camera then usual and hadn't used it in 5+ years) but it seemed a shame not the shame them. 

The article Gem sent us Here & about the Island Here

Friday, 26 June 2015

Grand Views

Every now and again I get a little burst of motivation and itch to get collaging and about a few weeks ago I got that itch, pulled out all my supplies and made a complete and utter mess of my floor. Totally worth it though. 
I've been really into using black and white foregrounds, mostly found from books about the past, old photographs and creating weird and over exaggerated backgrounds such as skies and mountains; using images from books about the natural world and things we don't usually see. 
Its sort of like creating a alternate world, views that could only imagine and making them a little more real; probably my favourite type of collages to do.