Friday, 29 June 2012

Type, Image, Go Pt2

 My little work station on the floor once again and of course The Maccabees on repeat and like I said I did a few more little pictures.
There isn't a running theme in this set of images and isn't a deep meaning behind them either, I simply took the image wrote down a few things that popped into my head  when I looked at it and wrote which ever I thought was best suited.

I'm pretty happy with the way the whole set looks together actually. I think I'd quite like to do a set of images of peoples faces and bodies and try and attempt to draw the skeletal frame.  

The final set. 

Type, Image, Go

The process line this week has been a bit slow. Not much has really been done or has been going on and I think its just come down to not having any inspiration or enthusiasm of it which id terrible. I always find it quite hard to get really stuck into a piece of work or to even start something if I'm not really feeling it and I guess this week I hit a sort of productive block. Luckily this evening though I felt like I wanted to make a bit of a mess and thus this happened... 

I printed out a section of photographs and grabbed a paint extra fine marker and started to deface them. I've always liked the idea of drawing/writing over photographs with quirky little images and illustrations or with positive messages, lyrics whatever they may be and thought I would try out a few for myself. Some of them I will admit are very cliché and pretty simple but I think work quite well with the images I have chosen. 

With most of these I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and am in the process of doing a few more which I will properly upload pictures of once I'm done. The whole idea of doing these this evening actually came from the fact I really wanted a new header image and thought about drawing over photographs. 

Side Note; I also just want to put it out there that I have been non stop listening to the discography of The Maccabees today. There is just something about them that is perfect for summer time and so easy to listen to. If you haven't already I would highly recommend taking a listen to them. 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Experimentation/Photo Manipulation

From my trip to the zoo, I took one particular image to manipulate and again working with mirroring the image. With the first image I want to try and print on some different textures and backgrounds. 

I am terrible. I think its fair to say that by the end
of my creative week things started to fizzle out and I didn't even upload anything on Sunday. I do apologise. I don't have any excuse for it other than I didn't organise enough things for me to do and just got plain lazy.
I did make it up slightly by doing some sketchbook work and trying to sort out some layouts. I set myself up a little work station on my floor and spent an hour or so just putting together a few things.

Hopefully I will be doing and uploading a few things from this coming week like some little projects or random pieces. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Creative Week/Day 7/ The Zoo

I'm not going to lie, today wasn't exactly about being very creative but more of a fun day out and a nice catch up some good people. We planned the trip as a bit of a belated birthday day out for our friend Maria (at Colchester Zoo). Its been about a year since i'd been and it was great to see all the baby animals from last year grown up! 
A lot of pictures did get taken today thought and I am in the process of editing a few of them and making some crazy images which is quite exciting, I got really inspired from way the Thorpness pictures came out and want to try something with a few of the animal pictures that I got today. 
I thought I would leave you though with a few pictures from today. 

I think I may have to take a career change a become a zoo keeper ahaa But hopefully within the next couple of days I will have some abstract animal images to upload!. 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Creative Week/Day 6/The Tidy Up

Now todays creative thing hasn't really been as creative, It's mainly been spent looking through all the pieces that I've been doing lately, printing out some images and then laying it all out in my sketchbook.
I have also been working on a few of the posters in photoshop this afternoon but am not really to show anything just yet as I'm not really sure what I'm doing with them and it's a work in progress. However here are the images I printed out today and their layout.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Creative Week/Day 5/Tie/Dip Dying/Baking

Todays creative thing was to do some tie and dip dying and some baking. Now there exactly very creative a new things to do but something that I really enjoy and some clothes that I wanted dye. 
 I also went out yesterday and got myself an over sized vest which I dip dyed and will wear as a dress. I've tie dyed things before I so it was a pretty easy and standard process. 


I'm pretty happy with the way they have all turned out and now just have to wait for them to dry out before properly washing them and then I can wear them. 
I did indeed tie dye a few pairs of underwear because well, who doesn't like pretty underwear aha. 

I think over the summer I'm going to do some more tie dying/dip dying on some cushion covers for my new bedroom and maybe even make a few to sell on or give as gifts. 

Other than this I also tried out some new biscuit cutters that I got a while back and make some chocolate chip biscuits for this evening. Some of them didn't really work out very well but they still look pretty good. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

More Images From Thorpness

I always find whenever I get stuck in a kind of rut of frustration that editing photos is a great way to get over it, to take your mind off of whatever is annoying you and concentrate on something productive. This is what I did this evening, I started messing around with some more photos from Thorpness. I've still been working with the colour balance as I really think the muted pinky tones are working really well. After messing around with mirroring on a couple of the images yesterday I wanted to explore that a little more and after trying with a few other images am quite happy with the outcome of this new image. 

I also did a little editing on a few shots that I thought we're just quite nice of Iona and Mikaela that we're taken because there always up to mischief.

I'm also not quite sure why but I really like this image a lot more upside down... 

Creative Week/ Day 4/ Pt 1/ Bunting

It sounds a little silly but I have always really liked bunting as a decoration and thought it would be a good idea to make my own but I never really got round to it, but seeing as I am doing this creative week I thought what better time than to start now. 

Because my mum is good at sewing and has all the supplies I luckily had everything at hand including some amazing fabrics and as you can see their pretty mix matched but thats kinda what I really like about them. The reason I also wanted to make some is in a few months I will be moving into my new house in Sheffield and wanted to have a little something to decorate my new bedroom with. 
Now sewing and all this malark isn't really my fort ay but feeling optimistic I started today by making a template and cutting out the fabric that I wanted to use. 

Sadly at the moment my mums sewing machine is broken and until she gets it fixed I'm kind of at a rut. 

I did try sewing them together by hand but found it quite difficult to keep the two triangles together and actually sew in a straight line and like I said sewing isn't a fort ay of mine.  

I'm going to be uploading some pictures later of some more work I've been doing today and as soon as the sewing machine is fixed I will be continuing this and documenting it. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Creative Week/ Day 3/ Thorpness/Photo Op

Bit of a late post but today me, Iona and Mikaela took a little trip out to one of our favourite places Thorpness and I thought what better idea than to take my camera and try and get a few a good shots. About a year ago I did a set on my film camera called The Beach which were all taken at Thorpness and even since I have been dying to get back to take some more pictures. I decided to try and get some good digital shots today and have been editing a few of them in photoshop. I decided to mess around colour balance mainly and am actually quite happy with the results.
At the moment I have only edited a few images as I'm still trying to decided which other images I like. I always find myself when taking pictures, taking hundreds of images and only really ever using about 4 or 5 of them, sometimes even less. I think most of the time its because I'm being too critical but thats because I hate to upload/show off whatever an image that I'm not completely happy with.

 I love taking photographs like this and find it really helpful when I get the opportunity to photograph people and figures. In the past I've stuck to taking photos of scenery or objects etc. I do find it quite hard to direct people when taking their photo so most of the time I just linger back and press the shutter whenever I see them make a movement or a face etc that I like.  I like being able to take photographs of people in a moment, whilst their maybe starting into space or fiddling with their hair or tying up their shoes. I like to take pictures of people being quite natural.
I really love photographing Iona and Mikaela because there not afraid to move around, not afraid of the camera, to interact with the camera. I do sometimes feel sorry for them for always getting dragged into my photographs but I think it is because I love they way they act around it. They'll let me just linger back, and document what I'm doing.

At the moment these are images that I'm happy enough with to upload, let me know what you think, what works and what doesn't or example. I always encourage feedback as it helps me to learn and improve.

I feel we were quite lucky as we had the weather on our side today and I'm really happy with these five shots. I plan on continuing to mess around with a few more images to see what I can get out of them but at the moment I think these are the best shots that were taken.