Saturday, 9 June 2012


I feel it necessary for me to make a quick post about this magazine I bought today. It’s called Hunger and might quite possibly be the most visually beautiful magazine I have ever set my eyes on. It was about £4.95 from WHSmith and is honestly worth every penny. If your into Fashion, Music, Art, Photography magazines then this is something that you might like to check out. This is a Bi-annual magazine and is the second issue Summer 2012.
“For the culturally and visually hungry”
It’s full of amazing articles, beautiful pieces of work, photography, documentaries, interviews the lot. I will admit to being slightly in love with this publication if thats even possible. I thought I’d just make a little post about it because its one of those things that I just find far too interesting and wonderful to not share with people who might also really enjoy it.
There website  I would also recommend you checked out. You won’t be disappointed.

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