Wednesday, 20 June 2012

More Images From Thorpness

I always find whenever I get stuck in a kind of rut of frustration that editing photos is a great way to get over it, to take your mind off of whatever is annoying you and concentrate on something productive. This is what I did this evening, I started messing around with some more photos from Thorpness. I've still been working with the colour balance as I really think the muted pinky tones are working really well. After messing around with mirroring on a couple of the images yesterday I wanted to explore that a little more and after trying with a few other images am quite happy with the outcome of this new image. 

I also did a little editing on a few shots that I thought we're just quite nice of Iona and Mikaela that we're taken because there always up to mischief.

I'm also not quite sure why but I really like this image a lot more upside down... 

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