Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Music/Recommendations/What I've Been Working To

I just wanted to write a short post about the music that I've been listening to recently whilst I've been doing all my messing experimentation stuff and if you hadn't already to go check out a few bands/people that I'm really into at the moment. I'm not a writer so its quite possible that a lot of this won't make much sense to a lot of you but there just a few thoughts I have about them. I'm not trying to be some kind of music critic or anything, its just something I really want to share because I always enjoy sharing good music to people looking. I do just have to say now that most of the time the way I find a lot of my music is by first checking out the album art. I'm a huge sucker for some good album art and if I really like the look of it, chances are that I will take a listen to it. Thats pretty much whats happened with most of these albums aha.

1. The Maccabees // Given To The Wild
Now with quite a lot of albums you can get a few tracks that always let the album down a little but with one I am failing to find anything to complain about. For so long I had never listened to The Maccabees and after seeing this album art I decided I wanted to take a listen and have not regretted it in the slightest. Everything about this album is beautiful and I find it such a good soundtrack to doing my work. Its chilled out enough that you can concentrate on what you're doing but is upbeat enough to keep you interested and you mind a flow. I've even recently gotten my dad (who is 66) really into this album and even requested a copy for his car.

2. The Cribs // In The Belly Of A Brazen Bull 
This is another album I've found really good to work to, love the art work, simple imagery and really like the type used for the band name the album itself feels so alive and great for motivation. I really love the mixture again of really upbeat, quite raw sounding songs and then something a bit toned down and easy.

3. Mystery Jets // Radlands
Now after seeing these guys a few months back and hearing them play a few of there new tracks I instantly fell in love with this album. Everything about it makes me think of summer, makes me feel quite relaxed and happy and I always find myself singing along to it which seems to put me in some kind of motivated state and I seriously can't help but do a little jig every time I put this on.

4. Queen // Greatest Hits 1,2 & 3
As strange as it is this album was pretty much one of the things that  got me through all the prep work for my essay and has been keeping hyped up. There is no way you can listen to this album and not sing along, not do a little dance and I've found it great for getting the creative juices flowing. I find when I start singing along to stuff, it puts me in a sort of creative trance and just end up with some crazy pieces at the end of it, be them good or bad. Its quite unlike the others but nothing beats a classic.

I'm quite interested to know what kinds of things other people listen to whilst there working or anything that people want to recommend, so If you know of anything that you think would be good or something you find great to listen to let me know. I'm pretty open to most music so it would be interesting to see.

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