Saturday, 23 June 2012

Creative Week/Day 7/ The Zoo

I'm not going to lie, today wasn't exactly about being very creative but more of a fun day out and a nice catch up some good people. We planned the trip as a bit of a belated birthday day out for our friend Maria (at Colchester Zoo). Its been about a year since i'd been and it was great to see all the baby animals from last year grown up! 
A lot of pictures did get taken today thought and I am in the process of editing a few of them and making some crazy images which is quite exciting, I got really inspired from way the Thorpness pictures came out and want to try something with a few of the animal pictures that I got today. 
I thought I would leave you though with a few pictures from today. 

I think I may have to take a career change a become a zoo keeper ahaa But hopefully within the next couple of days I will have some abstract animal images to upload!. 

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