Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Changes/Whats going on/Coldplay

I've decided recently that in this blog I wanted to bring an element of my own personal life into the mix for example any music I've been listening to recently or films/programs I want to recommend things I've been to, wanted to go to, you get the picture and what better way to start then to show you a few pictures from the Coldplay gig I went to with dad last night. Held at the Emirates Stadium and I will honestly say I think it was the best gig I have ever been too. The visuals were incredible, the atmosphere was mind blowing and I don't even think describing it would give it the justice it really deserves.  No matter what anyone says about them, They are one of the greatest live bands and put on hell of a show.

Now you can't tell me you wouldn't have wanted to be there.  

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