Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Creative Week/ Day 4/ Pt 1/ Bunting

It sounds a little silly but I have always really liked bunting as a decoration and thought it would be a good idea to make my own but I never really got round to it, but seeing as I am doing this creative week I thought what better time than to start now. 

Because my mum is good at sewing and has all the supplies I luckily had everything at hand including some amazing fabrics and as you can see their pretty mix matched but thats kinda what I really like about them. The reason I also wanted to make some is in a few months I will be moving into my new house in Sheffield and wanted to have a little something to decorate my new bedroom with. 
Now sewing and all this malark isn't really my fort ay but feeling optimistic I started today by making a template and cutting out the fabric that I wanted to use. 

Sadly at the moment my mums sewing machine is broken and until she gets it fixed I'm kind of at a rut. 

I did try sewing them together by hand but found it quite difficult to keep the two triangles together and actually sew in a straight line and like I said sewing isn't a fort ay of mine.  

I'm going to be uploading some pictures later of some more work I've been doing today and as soon as the sewing machine is fixed I will be continuing this and documenting it. 

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