Thursday, 21 June 2012

Creative Week/Day 5/Tie/Dip Dying/Baking

Todays creative thing was to do some tie and dip dying and some baking. Now there exactly very creative a new things to do but something that I really enjoy and some clothes that I wanted dye. 
 I also went out yesterday and got myself an over sized vest which I dip dyed and will wear as a dress. I've tie dyed things before I so it was a pretty easy and standard process. 


I'm pretty happy with the way they have all turned out and now just have to wait for them to dry out before properly washing them and then I can wear them. 
I did indeed tie dye a few pairs of underwear because well, who doesn't like pretty underwear aha. 

I think over the summer I'm going to do some more tie dying/dip dying on some cushion covers for my new bedroom and maybe even make a few to sell on or give as gifts. 

Other than this I also tried out some new biscuit cutters that I got a while back and make some chocolate chip biscuits for this evening. Some of them didn't really work out very well but they still look pretty good. 

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