Saturday, 9 June 2012

Make Shift Desk/Organisation

 So right now this is my little work station, I have no desk and as a result of this made my own sort of desk by putting a piece of mdf on the floor and piling everything on top of it. It's quite a mess but it'll do ahaa, I found myself spending more time sitting on my floor than bed which is quite strange but I guess it gives me more room to move about. Yes, I thought I'd just show a little picture of where I've been working at home. 

Whilst doing all these little project and pieces I was having a think about how I didn't really have anywhere to keep any of my work, of course I have the blog to upload it all to but with the actual physical pieces I just had them scatted around my room in various places and getting sat on by the cat. So when I went into town with my mother today I decided to get a big A3 sketchbook to stick everything into. Sort of like a portfolio, I've always really liked doing sketchbook work and layouts and its been nice to do that again with this. I plan on doing some write up to go with some of the piece explaining the ideas behind them and my thoughts and such. So far I only have a few things in here as I  think at the moment I just want to add resent pieces in their but its a start.

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