Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ready, Steady, Cookbook!

I am quite excited to share this with you all as this has been a project that myself and Sue, (client/family friend) have been working hard on for the past few months and this week just launched.

The reason for the cookbook, other than it being a lovely thing to produce was to help raise money for the Sue's local Church in Baylham.  Something that really stuck out for me when she was telling me her plans and ideas for the cookbook was that it was going to be filled with home and family recipes from the residents of the village. I thought this was such a lovely personal touch and great way to get the community involved and of course was excited to work on it with her and very fitting for such a lovely quaint village. 
The cookbook is split in to 5 parts, Starters, Mains, Cakes, Puddings and Christmas fare each separated by different underlining motifs. For the cover we wanted to keep it simple, classic but also our own which is why I decided to use the simple logo and warm, vintage,  inviting colour. 
Inside each recipe comes prep times, cooking times, the serving amount, ingredients, the method, names of contributors, a quote from the contributors about the recipe and some also including cook's notes. 
I think having the quotes from the contributors was a lovely personal touch to the cookbooks, its quite nice to know where some of these recipes have come from and why they've been included. 
I really did enjoy putting this together but it must be said that at times was also very tedious and testing, but never the less it was such a satisfying feeling to see it all piece together. 

So on Thursday evening Sue invited me to the little launch in the village community centre which was really nice. Everyone seemed to really love the cookbook and I think by the end of the evening, Sue had sold out of the 60 copies she had bought with her. At that point, I did very much feel like a proud little mother seeing this project I had been apart of for so long be finished and to see people enjoying it. The cookbooks I believe will be on sale up to christmas possibly which is also lovely and hopefully they will continue to raise a lot more money. 
Its so satisfying to have it all finished and to have been apart of something nice like this and hopefully won't be the last. 

If you are at all interested in the cookbook at all then let me know, thanks for reading and until next time! 

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