Monday, 8 September 2014

Out & About || 24 Hours in London. || Pt 1.

This wasn't scheduled in but I wanted to get this post up before it all leaves my brain and months have pasted by because lets be honest, I'm terrible and it probably would have. 
This will be a 2 part post as I may have gone a little snap happy and didn't want to cram everything into one super long post! I hope you enjoy and lets get started!

A couple of weekends ago I headed down to London to visit Iona whilst she had been living there and although it was only for 24 hours, we had a lovely time and managed to fill every second of it. We are definitely not ones for wasting time on trips so we planned out the 24 hours with trips to a gallery holding an exhibition that we had both been dying to see, a couple of science exhibitions and just enough time to enjoy being a tourist of the city.

I arrived in the evening and we headed over near London Bridge to grab some dinner before having a nice evening stroll around the city. What I always find amazing about London is the fact you can walk around for hours and completely lose track of time. After dinner we stroll by the river wandering aimlessly for hours, soaking up the atmosphere of a bustling Friday night. I think the last time I was in this part of London was on a school trip to the Shakespeare Globe which was many a year ago!  regardless it was such a lovely area to walk around especially as the sun was setting over the river and the lights started to illuminate the city.  How very poetic.

So this is where all the excitement happened, starting with a visit to the useful + beautiful: contemporary design for the home exhibition at The Geffrye Museum Of The Home in Shoreditch. Sadly the exhibition is now over but I thought I would give you a little insight if you missed it. 

"Designers respond creatively to issues such as efficiency, sustainability, durability, usefulness and beauty. This exhibition brings together recent products by a range of designers, from well-known names through to fresh new talents, from London and beyond. Their furniture, lighting, wallpaper and homewares give us a glimpse of what's new and what might find its way into our homes in the future". 
Link to webpage for the exhibition.

As a lover of all things interiors and design this was like a funfair for me, I'm not even kidding in the slightest. Some of the designs in the exhibitions were so simple and elegant and I honestly couldn't help but daydream about my future home whilst wandered around and I had to seriously hold myself back from stealing it all. I photographed a few of my favourite pieces in the exhibition such as the 'Textile Moulded Glass, Silo Studio 2013' the 'Plumen 002 lamps, Hulger 2014' and my all time favourite the 'Rising Chair, Robert Van Embricqs 2011'. A piece of pure genius and one of the comfiest chairs, my butt has has the pleasure of resting on. 

 Not only did The Geffrye Museum have it's great useful + beautiful exhibition but the museum has its permanent exhibitions which explore the homes from the 1600 to the present day. Most of the rooms focus on the English, urban, middle class particularly in London, The rooms and gardens reflect the changes in society, style, behaviour and taste throughout the years.  It was a great insight into the reasons and styles behind some of the designs and how certain design features inspire others.
It was quite an odd but interesting experience to walk from room to room and be transported into another time zone, to imagine what it would be like to live in a living room in the 50s or be reminded what furniture was like in the 90s.

The last part of the museum we visited was the gardens, which were definitely heightened by the wonderful weather we were having that day. Along with the changing rooms, the gardens also reflected the design of the decades, moving through victorian herb gardens and garden features. 
It was kind of like being in a mini tour of secret gardens and honestly we couldn't of asked for better weather. It was a nice breather. 

And this is were part 1 ends, well done for making it this far. You troopers aha! That really was quite a lot of photos to scroll though. Part 2 will be up soon so be prepared for another photo session. 

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