Thursday, 18 September 2014

We Are Ramblers.

This is going to be a minimal word post and more of an appreciation for the great outdoors. If you know me, you know I love to go one long walks and anything that involves the woods, forests tress and I absolutely love taking photographs of it. Anyway these are a bunch of pictures from a couple of rambles myself and Sam went on whilst we were still in Sheffield, they've been sitting on my computer for so long and thought was about time I posted them. The first set are from a crazy 12 mile walk we did back in April and the second from June. Enjoy!

The route we walked that day. Absolute killer, but totally worth it. 
 Ramble 2. 

I got inspired today to post these photos as I ended up in a bit of an internet whirlwind and stumbled across a wonderful blog and youtube channels of Bethany Marie &  Cory Staudacher a wonderful couple who take amazing photographs and also have youtube channels.  I sat and watched there vlog channels this afternoon and got insane wanderlust to visit Seattle and its beautiful views. 
I'll link both their youtubes below because they are just lovely. 


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