Sunday, 14 September 2014

Exhibition Pit-Stops Pt2

Another exhibition which really stuck out for me was the Wu Chi-Tsung Dust exhibit at the Site Gallery, Sheffield. As you can see (april to may) this was something that I visited a very long time ago, but never the less I wanted to include it because it was a really nice experience and worth sharing.

From the website; 'Wu Chi-Tsung uses everyday materials in elegant and inventive ways to create meditative, dream-like environments. Dust captures the shadows of minute, usually invisible dust particles, as they spiral around the audience to make a mesmerising abstract projection.
Crystal City 003, a newly-commissioned installation, invites the audience to witness a shifting cityscape. Filling the space with moving light and shadow, the installation draws playful parallels with the pace of urban development in Asia today.'
When we entered the room, behind a curtain, everything was silent, dark and all you could see were the flickering shadows of the dust resting on the projector. For me it was a somewhat calming and pleasant experience and probably the first and only time that I have ever seen dust as something beautiful.  The next room we entered was the shadowing city scape, and I kid you not, myself and Gemma probably stayed in there for about half an hour just watching it pass from side to side. Again this was something we found so simple but fascinating and so damn calming. During this time we were taking a break from a very stressful few months of prep-ing for the end of final year, so all the calming vibes were very welcomed! 

Site Gallery Archive page for Dust. 

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