Friday, 23 November 2012


So last week I bought myself a couple new sketchbooks, One for a current university project and another to start working in. I've been coming up with a few mini projects to do over the next coming months or whenever I have the spare time and thought I'd get myself organised. I've already been noting down about four or five ideas and started sketching out and planning a few things. I've also recently gotten into doing illustrations, after using them in my last project I've wanted to continue doing it and try and make more of a habit of it. Its never really been anything that I'm particularly great at but I quite enjoy it and therefore have also been using this new sketchbook for that.

Carrying on with this and because I am of course a poor art student, I have decided to make my own christmas cards this year. I tell myself every year that I'm going to and never get round to making them so this evening I started and here are a few I've finished.


Lastly a couple of Art/Culture magazines I have picked up this month, two I would highly recommend. I look forward to getting stuck into these.  

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