Friday, 16 November 2012

It has been far too long!/Update/InteractiveCV

Apologies for the lack of posts lately but uni work/life has pretty much being taking up all of my time at the moment so I haven't really had the time to sit down and make some posts, But I'm here now and I have a few things to add. 

1. I finally finished my interactive CV, including my cover letter and portfolio. I'm still yet to receive the marks for the project but I was pretty happy with my final outcome. If I can I will try and upload a copy of it for you too have a look at if your interested. The whole thing was designed and layout in InDesign, this being a program that I have never really used before and didn't really know that much about I ended up really liking it. I did find it very frustrating at first which is completely understandable having not used it before but after attending some really useful InDesign session at uni I found it a really nice program to use.  For my Interactive CV and portfolio I had to construct a cover letter, explaining why I wanted said job and why I would be great for it, Taking pictures of piece of my work for my portfolio and write my CV out. 
Me and friend booked out a little studio room and took some piece of work in to photograph. It was a pretty simple task and we managed to get it done quite quickly and end up with some good images to use. This being a practice for a professional job application we had to take professional photos and think about the compositions. I took some photos of my zines for my portfolio and had to think about how I wanted to present them. We were quite lucky to have a photography technician with us who was able to give us a few pointers and help us use the equipment.    

These are a few examples of the different pictures I took and messed around with. 

(I'm really sorry if this doesn't make complete sense and isn't in much detail but you must forgive me, its been a few weeks since I did these). 

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