Thursday, 22 November 2012

Brief: Lost Art Of Conversation/The Big Tea Talk

So a few weeks ago I was working on my university project The Lost Art Of Conversation, The brief was to to promote conversation. We were asked to research into what good conversation was, the kinds of people that have them, what its for, the values of a good conversation, whether social media was an enabler or disabler and to explore the art of conversation and develop an idea from it.

I went along the lines of using tea, and people coming together over hot beverages as my idea. I won't go into too much detail about it but the general idea was to encourage people to perhaps invite over some friends or a family member for a brew and interact in some face to face conversation. I set up a twitter page under the name The Big Tea Talk where I gave out suggestions of topics for conversations and tried to encourage people to go out and start conversations by setting out missions. To accompany this I made a few posters and small postcards which would be placed in coffee shops, pubs etc.

I decided for my posters I was going to do some illustration which I worked up in photoshop and layout  out and set up in InDesign.
I think with more time I could of produced something a bit bigger and something that might have a larger impact but I was quite happy with the my logo and illustrations. I don't tend to do a lot of illustrative work and I'm glad I took a chance with this brief and used it. I think for the tone I was going for it worked out really well.

These are a couple of the outcomes, There not the most amazing things I've ever done but like I said, I'm positive with more time I could of created something a lot better.


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