Monday, 3 December 2012


 So last week, myself and Kita took a lovely stroll to the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. Although I have been living in Sheffield for about a year now, this was the first time I had actually gone to visit the gardens and it was lovely.  I originally planned to head down down there to take some pictures of some wire words that I have been making for my current uni project but got very carried away with taking pictures of the plans around.

Although some people may not be a very interesting thing to photograph, I really enjoy taking nature photographs and messing around with them later to and creating something different with them.
This evening I've just been messing around with some of the pictures on photoshop and concentrating on the colour balance of them.

Sadly until I sort out some more space on my blog I am unable to upload any images which also means no more posts until I get it sorted. This is very frustrating, considering the fact I have a list in my notebook of ideas for up and coming posts. 

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