Monday, 17 March 2014

Lord Whitney // Lore of the North // Exhibition & Book Launch

All photo credits to Lord Whitney 

I'm not sure if I had mentioned it before but near the end of last year Lord Whitney Came into our studio and did a few sessions and workshops with our course about redesigning our studio. Lord Whitney (Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney) are two art directors and set designers from Leeds who have a very unique and comical essence to their work. 
Since then and seeing all the amazing work they produce and great people they have worked with, I have been completely sucked into their work and find them a huge inspiration. 
As myself and Gemma (Ordered Chaos) were working towards set designs and putting together our collective, we contacted them a while ago for some tips and tricks and found them to be very helpful and such lovely ladies. 

Over the past few months they had been working on a project named 'Lore of the North' a publication based around Yorkshire folklore. (You can see some behind the scenes and more information on their tumblr) 
Last week myself and Gemma were invited to go to the exhibition and book launch of Lord Whitney's Lore of the North book. As huge fans of there work we were really excited to go and see it and for me a chance to go visit Leeds a little more.
The exhibition and launch consisted of photographs from the book as well as page layouts and sneaky peaks of the books content. Sadly I didn't get any pictures but again, if you follow their Tumblr and Instagram @lordwhitney you will find plenty. The photography and sets used were very simplistic and subtle and still managed to create the atmosphere of something hauntingly beautiful. The simple use of paint used to show water and depth in one of the photographs was one of may favourites (seen here)  its such a simple idea but really works on so many levels. I think the exhibition is up from the 13th March until the 25th at the Munro House Leeds More details can be found HERE. I'd very much recommend going down and taking a look or even going straight ahead and getting yourself a copy of the book, I know I will be.

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