Thursday, 27 March 2014

Back Track // Ordered Chaos // Exhibition

Whilst I'm still recovering at home from being ill, its given me a little more time to do some blogging and means that I can finally get around to doing some posts I've had noting down for weeks. One of which is about the exhibition that Ordered Chaos (myself & Gemma) put together. It seems like such a long time ago since we did it, but back in January/February we put together an exhibition for our final year project. I did do a little post about it a while back Here about the event but I thought now was a good time to finally upload some of the photographs of the night. I know its very late and if you follow any of social medias such as tumblr, twitter or facebook you might have already seen some of these but I though I needed a little post on here about it. 

So we managed to get the space by simply asking, we got an email about some available space and without even thinking we would get it, applied and within a week got a reply telling us the space was ours and that we would have the space for a week. This was a complete surprise but with this started working on exhibition, branding it and getting our name out there. We made posters and leaflets, put them up around Sheffield and got to building our project. I won't go into complete detail about the premise of the project as that can all be found here but we basically asked a bunch of very talented illustrators to produce there thoughts and ideas of the future for us to make and create into 3D models and sets. We got a brilliant response, some brilliant illustrations and got to work. 
The trickiest thing I think about putting together the whole exhibition was the fact we branding it, got out illustrations, build everything and put it all together in a week. A very stressful but fun week. 

 We got a really great response from the exhibition and we're hoping to put together another nearer the end of the project. There are more photos and behind the sense stuff of course on our Blog and any updates on our social media's. It was so much fun to put together and to see everything come together at the end, definitely something I would do again.
Sorry its taken me so long to get this up but I hope you enjoyed it!

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