Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Collections // Patterns #2


Whilst still on the look out for inspiration for an upcoming project I took to B&Q for wallpaper samples. It seems like a such a simple thing but I always manage to find some really interesting and weird paper designs. As I'm looking to design my own pattern and produce a series of them, I looked into wallpaper as a media I could use or make my designs into. As well as design I've been looking a lot into colours and themes I could use within these colour pallets for example, plants, decades, seasons, fruits etc.

Pattern on Pattern. 

As well as colours and wallpaper patterns I've been seeing a lot of photographs of pattered clothes on patterned backgrounds and I've really grown a fascination with it. Blending into the backgrounds, camouflage and the crazy over use of one pattern. A couple in particular I've found are that of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud (Left) and this picture of Jacob Sutton (Right).  I think this makes for such great photographs and cannot stop looking at them.

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