Friday, 14 March 2014

Collage Crazy // Back in the Game

So now that dissertation is over, this week I've been putting in the hours and making a hell tone of mess. Now I don't have thousands of words to concentrate on writing I've been able to go crazy and get back into some creative mess making as I like to call it. 

Lately I've been thinking about a couple of concepts that I wanted to test out and I'm really happy with how they've actually turned out. 

The first thing I started working on was placing people from a particular scene, in this case the beach and placing them in a background/surrounding that wasn't compatible. I can to this ides from a book I purchased from a charity shop whilst back at home called "Pictures from the past: The Seaside" by Gavin Weightman the book had such great imagery in it and the dull dusty tones of the colours make a really great contrast to the bright colours of the background images. I've only done a couple at the moment but this definitely something I'm going to continue to work with. 

The second is working with the idea of people being seen as buildings and building being people etc. This is just a weird little concept that I thought about after an odd dream but I'm really having fun with it, using images of people in everyday situations but with buildings as heads. Something so simple but I really think it works.

I can't wait to carry on building up some more and hopefully putting together a little zine or magazine together of them, so keep an eye out! Let me know if you have some constructive criticism or you're thoughts and if you know of any great collage artists who's work you're really into. I always love finding new people. !

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