Saturday, 26 October 2013

Inspired & Inspire Brief

Just before we went to London for the AGI Conference our tutors gave us a little project to reflect on the two days and come back with some quotes from the designers that we found to be inspiring or inspirational and to produce a poster from them. I will admit at first I wasn't completely into the task but once I started gathering quotes and after feeling very inspired after leaving London, I  thought this was a really good idea. The quotes I went with was;

"Design makes me frustrated, Art makes me crazy" - Paula Scher 

I went with this because I can totally relate. When I start designing something or have been staring a piece of work for so long I start to get frustrated and the same with art and in an odd way it almost makes me feel like it shouldn't make as frustrated as it does. As in "I'm a graphic designer, doing design shouldn't make me frustrated" but after hearing her say this out loud, it kind of made me realise that of course everyone gets like this from time to time. So I thought this would be the perfect quote to use. 

I wanted to use a mixture of hand rendered design as well as working it up on photoshop. I really enjoy using and making collages so this is what I started with. I used scans from magazines and in particular found some great images taken by Rankin of mens faces squished together. I thought this was a perfect representation of frustration and used them in my final product. 

I also used a range of faces, shapes and colours to produce a messy collage of patterns to show the craziness and nonsense of putting an "art" piece together. I then after worked the scans up on photoshop, I messed around with layering the images together, changing the colours, contrasts and balance.
I knew for the two posters I wanted two different tones layered over the images, one for frustration and the other for crazy. I went for Red and Blue, as red was the first colour that I would normally associate with frustration and blue because I thought it was a nice contrasting colour.
After working it up in photoshop I added my type to the posters and this was the final outcome...

I'm actually really happy with the way the two posters have turned out, I think the frustration posters is the strongest of the two but I do think put together they look good and fit the brief completely. 

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