Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Holiday Post Pt 4. The City

The 4th and final instalment; The City, Buildings and Architecture. 
(I am in no way an architect or know anything about buildings and their design so please bare with me, these are just my thoughts and I will try very hard to not ramble on too much!). 

It has to be said that in my opinion Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities I've even been in. Whilst walking around the city I properly spend about 80% of the time looking up and staring at the top of the buildings and being amazed at how beautiful they were. The delicate details to the bright, interesting colours and the size of the buildings. Being from quite a small town in suffolk, I'm used to quite small, boring and uniform buildings, and even in Sheffield there tall, industrial buildings, a lot of mental, aluminium and of course, steel. It was such a difference to see everything so close together, so gigantically tall and so many windows. I think it was the old style of the buildings that really grabbed my attention. Okay enough of me trying to sound like I know whats what, Here are a few pictures of buildings that really got my attention. (I hope you have time because this might be long!). 

This street we came across on walking tour and couldn't get over how pretty it was, the combination of colours, the details on the windows and the rooftops. 

The town centre, again I love the tall exterior of the buildings and how they all look collectively.  

I'm not going to ramble on about each and every building because we really would be here all day but I just want to share a few pictures and hopefully spark some kind of want to travel because Copenhagen is such a beautiful city and if you haven't already guested a city that I am very much in love with. 
One thing that I haven't mentioned but really must is the amount of bicycles around. I've been to Cambridge and I thought that was a lot of bikes, Oh no, thats nothing compared to Copenhagen. I think it's such a lovely thing that Copenhagen is such a pedestrian friendly city and that there isn't too much traffic and cars everywhere, but bikes, my goodness. The amount of times we nearly got run over by bikes was insane, even thought they had their own lanes in the road. Within Copenhagen most things are pretty much within walking distance and because of this I can see why so people chose to cycle rather than drive.  
I'm not sure what else to say about them really other than they are beautiful and it's amazing that even after the city has had so many great fires, they have still built it up into such a beautiful place. 

I'm going to leave a few cheesy holiday snaps and phone pictures from the holiday and end it here! 

Taken on the walking tour, photo from facebook page. 

I hope you've all enjoyed the posts, me rambling, enjoyed looking through my pictures and hopefully I have inspired some of you to book a trip to Copenhagen soon!. Thanks for reading and new posts will be up soon! 

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