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Holiday Post Pt 3. Tivoli Gardens, Freetown Christiania & The Blue Planet.

On our first evening as were having a stroll around our hostel we stumbled upon Tivoli Gardens. The first place I heard about this and in fact something that I used as a good reference point for this trip were  from a blogger/youtuber Essie Button [Link to youtube videos] who had made a couple of videos of her trip to Copenhagen. 

After walking around almost the entire park before finding the entrance we paid about 9 Krone to get in (which I think is about £8, don't hold me to that!) I would suggest if you're going to go to like us go in the evening because my goodness it was beautiful! The park was made up of amusements, lakes and ponds with bright light displays, bars and restaurants and reminded me a little of Disneyland Paris in the sense that it was bright, exciting and made me feel like a child again. Now although it is an amusement park if you don't like rides that much I would still recommend going. It was so lovely to spend the evening walking around, listening to the live music, having some caffe lattes (which we drank a lot of on this holiday and were delightful) and enjoying the light, water and lazer show which was put on before closing.  Now enough of me rambling, here is a little influx of pictures from that evening. 

It was honestly so beautiful and definitely somewhere to come if you visit. I think this was a really good way to set off the trip and although it is quite a touristy place and a lot of people don't really like that, its worth it. 

Another location that we were really interested in checking out was Christiania.

Sadly in Freetown Christiania because of how things are run and how they live, they like to be private about it and therefore we weren't allowed to take pictures on the main land, But Its still something I really enjoyed and want to talk about.
For those who might not of heard of it Freetown Christiania is one of the most infamous alternative community. The community was founded by militant squatters who broke into disused barracks in middle of Christiania. The communities ideas about recycling, free love, organic food and drug enlightenment were once seen as completely radical ideas but are now being adopted.
Personally I found it to be really eye opening and interesting to see such a comparison from the rest of the city. It almost seemed like we were in a completely different city. Pusha St is properly one of the most famously known streets which we did of course walk though and it was amazing and odd to see people smoking and selling so openly and freely without a worry.
I think if you are on a family holiday that this may not be the best place to go but I think if your up for learning about a different culture its great. When there you really get a sense of what life and the people are like.

We walked around the whole of Freetown and over a bridge we found a cool little dirty road filled with houses made from frames, odd pieces of wood, everything. Here we were able to take a few pictures of the houses.
[ Link ] Heres a link to a website that explains about Freetown much better than I did ah!

On our final full day of the trip we decided to visit the the aquarium;

[ Link to website ]

The aquarium was about a 10/20 minute ride on the train and I think about the equivalent of about £20. The Blue Planet Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe with more than 20,000 animals and 7 million litres of water.
I have been to quite a few aquariums in my day and this one completely blew them all out of the water (excuse the pun!) I couldn't tell how long it actually took us walk around the entire thing but it definitely didn't feel like a chore. In my opinion a great day out for any family or friends, I know for us it did makes us feel slightly like excited children on a school trip, especially as we got to watch the Sea-lions being fed and have a go in touch pool. It honestly was so breathtaking to see so many beautiful creatures and even learn about creatures I didn't even know existed. I think this would be a great place to come on a rainy day or like us something to ease ourselves out of the trip so I really would recommend it.
Sadly because I was using a film camera I wasn't able to get too many good pictures but I did take a few on my phone which I shall share with you.

and thats the end of pt 3. I hope you enjoyed this section of the Copenhagen posts and pt 4. will be up soon! 

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