Sunday, 20 October 2013

AGI Open

This post is a little late as this did take place a little under a month ago but it's finally here now! AGI Open in short is a large design and education conference held by the members of AGI and is a two day event which includes over 30 of the worlds leading graphic designers giving talks, debates and sessions. AGI is held in a different country every year and this year it was based in London and held at the Barbican theatre
Now we are pretty lucky to have the tutor we do as they booked us all free tickets to the conference and it was two of the most inspiring days I've had in a while. 
The range of work and design that was shown throughout the conference was incredible and to hear from such designers as Stefan Segmeister, Chip Kidd, Roger Law, Marion Deuchars just to name a few was amazing. 
I didn't manage to get too many photos in the conference as I just got completely sucked in and completely forgot to document everything. 
I did manage to get a few snaps on the second day of the conference and personally my favourite of the two days. I was really excited to see Segmeister's talk as I had perviously looked at his work for research on a project and also left that day with a few new favourites such as Chip Kidd and Paula Scher. 

Here is a selection of pieces from some of the designers there; 
1,2 - Stefan Sagmeister // 3 - Chip Kidd // 4 - Roger Law // 5 - Paula Scher // 6 - Marion Deuchars
Please do excuse the poor quality of these photos! 

The debate between designers on day 1. 

Stefan Sagmeister giving his talk and getting the audience to sing along.. 

The ending to the conference, Brazilian dancers (as next years AGI Open will be held in Brazil). 

I'll leave some links to the AGI website incase you want to know more about AGI or was there this year. I honestly can't thank the university enough for organising such a great event and I honestly don't even think this post could of done it any justice but it really was a great experience. I hope you've enjoyed this and until next time! 

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