Sunday, 19 August 2012

Vinyl Bowls

So today I did actually do something creative and this time in the form of making my own bowls out of Vinyl. The other day my friend Chloe said how she had just melted a few of them and was messing around with them and it really got me in the mood to try it for myself. I'd seen a few pictures floating around the internet of it before and always assumed it was really difficult, but after watching a few tutorials on youtube this morning I realised how quick and easy it actually was. 
Luckily my dad had a few old vinyls he didn't want anymore so I used a few of those but they can easily be bought at any charity shop for a few pounds. I took some photos as a sort of step by step of what I did. 
I made about six bowls and I'm so happy with the way they have all turned out, especially as they were a first time try. 


The final products!

I plan on giving some of these away as gifts to a few people and the rest to use in my new flat which I'm really excited about moving in to. But thats another post for another day. 

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