Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A spot of late night/early morning painting

Now you would think being up at 3am painting is a strange time to be painting and you would be very right but weirdly enough for me its become a perfect time for arts and crafts. I don't know why but the creative juices always flow so much better at night. Anyway I decided that I wanted to do a spot of painting as I haven't really done any in a while, so a found a piece of wood I had laying around, drew up a little something and started to paint. I've also been getting my way through the rest of season 3 of Community (which I have now finished) and watching Miss Pettigrew lives for a day. Wasn't a particularly great or memorable film but I was quite content having it on in the background whilst I painted.

The finished painting
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out actually, some of the lines could be a little neater but I don't have a greatly steady hand when it comes to painting small lines but I don't think it looks too shabby. I quite like the idea of doing a couple of these and possibly hanging them up in my house or room. I might also think about doing one of these painting over some coloured paint or other textures on the background.

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