Friday, 11 May 2012

Photography Exam 2010

Back in my first year of college I did an AS Level in photography which I must say was an amazing opportunity and based my final project on my friends family farm. Half of the photography was done on film and processed in the dark room and the other was digital.
I had a lot of fun taking the pictures as well processing them and proper film photography is something that I would love to get back into doing. The university as great resources and I think I need to start taking advantage of that. These are a few of my favourite film images.

A copy of the final image I gave to the Richards family to say thank you for helping. 
   We were all given a photographer picked out of a hat and I remember being really pleased that I had gotten Bill Brandt. I'm such a fan of his social photography and therefore this is why I chose to do my own on the farm. My friends family were really happy to help and think they actually quite enjoyed being photographed for a couple hours. I honestly think that a few of these photographs are some of my best work, really pleased with the way that exam went.

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