Saturday, 28 June 2014

Exhibition Pit-Stops Pt1

To split up the final year project posts I thought I would talk about a few exhibitions I've been to over the few months. Living in Sheffield for three years really allowed me to explore a lot more of the art and design scene with the amazing range of galleries and all within about 10/20 minute walk from my house which; on days where you just need a bit of inspiration, is just perfect.
So lets get to it! The first exhibition was held in the B&B Gallery and as the photo suggests, was called Inside / Outside, a site specific installations by Zosen & Mina Hamada (ES).   Barcelona-Tokyo based visual artists.  (taken from the website) 

"Their passion for colours and free forms has led to a seemingly endless series of collaborative murals from Paris to Miami, Mexico to Japan - all incorporating their signature style of enigmatic shapes within vibrant compositions of harmonious dreamscapes." 

Myself and a couple of friends went down for the opening and the atmosphere was buzzing with creatives, the exhibition to sum up in a few words would be vibrant, creative and most definitely fun. The exhibition ranged from brightly illustrated prints to 3D installations of hand painted tin cans and wooden planks and was just a really enjoyable experience. 
I managed to get a few not so great quality photos on my phone, but I thought I would share them with you anyway.  I would of course have suggested visiting the exhibition if it were still on but I shall link there tumblr below which showcases more of their works and a few more images from the Sheffield exhibition. 

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