Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Final Year Projects Pt2 // The Big Draw

A bit of background on the The Big Draw;  running every years from about October to November, the big draw  bring together designers, artists and illustrators from around the world and connecting them in a big event to show and share their talents. Website link here 
This years campaign bought Simon Spilsbury, an illustrator known for his spontaneous and energetic work to our university to work with us on it. The project was only a one/two day deal and despite being very skeptical of the workshop, actually turned out to be useful as well as fun. The theme we were given was Future Sheffield, now as someone who doesn't have the strongest illustrative skills, I was very apprehensive about this until Simon suggested other forms of illustration.

I worked alongside Gemma Hardiker (my Ordered Chaos companion) on this project and decided upon a collage of a weird, bright and vibrant kind of future. We gathered clippings from magazines and books and just began to cut and stick like crazy people. The whole day was such a great experience firstly because it opened up my imagination and reminded me that collage, which is something that I have always loved doing is a great way to express ideas and thoughts. Secondly it sprouted myself and Gemma's idea for the whole Ordered Chaos project, visions of the future. 

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