Sunday, 22 June 2014

Final Year Projects Pt1 // Everything About One Thing

This is going to be quite a short post but; If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may have seen me do a couple of posts about this project before which I will link here & here Where I talked through my idea generations, design processes and what my final outcome was going to look like. Well since then both the booklets have been printed and so I thought instead of repeating myself about the project, I would show you the finished product and talk about my thoughts on it and my improvements.
So here we go, these are a few photographs of the first book "The Wonderful World Of The Brain". Printed colour, double sided on I believe it was 160gm paper. I was really happy with the stock, the image quality really popped on the paper and with a shine sheen, the book wasn't too shiny and cheap looking.

and book two 'The Wonderful World Of The Brain And What We Don't Understand". 

I think I may have expressed this before in one of the pervious posts that I wasn't completely happy with the outcome. Looking back at it now I hate the imagery that I've used, Its not very thought out, imaginative and really doesn't show any of my skill sets very well. The collages are obvious and as my tutor expressed in the feedback are a little superficial; which I completely agree with. I think the idea for the project was great because it was such a large research area, but after walking away from the project and coming back to it with fresh eyes, I definitely see that I could of produced something of a much higher quality.
I was talking to a friend the other evening and talking her through the work I had over the final year and we discussed how we can both see a massive change and see my development as a designers through these projects. I say this because this was one of the first projects we did in 3rd year, I was only just now finding my niche and realising that 3D Set/prop design and art direction was what I enjoyed and wanted to do. Having done this project perhaps a little after I had had that realisation, I may have produced something much more exciting. I definitely think that although university is over and there is no one grading me anymore, its a project that would and will revisit.

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