Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Final Year Projects pt3 // The Art Of Sci & Tech

This was a little brief set by Human Studios to re design the poster for their Sci & Tech exhibition which was to be held in Barcelona next year. Originally myself and Gemma started working on a 3D piece, constructing the words Sci & Tech out of found objects such a nuts, bolts, pins etc seen below. We loved this idea as it gave us the chance to mess around with  3D elements and then later worked up on photoshop. Sadly it ended up getting quite complicated and although we loved the outcome of the photographs, we found it incredibly difficult to apply it because of its shape and state. 

After a lot of messing around and because we were getting so close to our deadline, we decided to leave it as it didn't seem to be going anywhere. As the deadline got closer I thought working on my original idea that I had been messing around with before myself and Gemma decided to team up. I began working on a idea of connecting scientific signs and the visualises from music, such as the ones on itunes. I'm not sure why but I was always intrigued with the shapes etc moving with the beat; because Sci & Tech's exhibition showcases music design and trance type sounds, I thought this was very apt. 

Along with this I started constructing some logos and shapes with scientific signs and symbols that I had found after researching. From then I just started messing around the layouts and trying to comprise a suitable poster and postcard design as well as applying the logo to a tote. After spending so long on the project with Gemma, I think I managed to redo this project in about a day. It was quite nice to just spend a day working on one project and not taking it too seriously. Its an idea after all. I was actually happy with the outcome after all and this ended up being a piece that I put in my final portfolio. 

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