Monday, 15 July 2013

Holiday Snaps //Tunisia '13

 So a couple weeks ago I was in Tunisia, enjoying the wonderful sunshine, drinking cocktails, lounging by the sea/pool and just having one of the most relaxing weeks of my life. Although I did take quite a lot of photos, I honestly didn't really take much care and I mean that in the sense that they are mostly silly ones of us (Myself, Maria and Emily, the lovely ladies I went on holiday with) or the pool or just not very good photographs. I honestly was too busy being relaxed or having a nice time and forgot to try and get some really good photography but I though I would upload a few anyway just to share my holiday experience with you.

The holiday was lovely and relaxing as well as fun because of the excursions we were able to go on and explore the country a little more. The people working at the hotel were lovely and fun and there was never a dull moment. As much as this was a relaxing and wonderful holiday, I definitely learnt that I am more of an exploring/festivaly holiday kind girl. Never the less this definitely something that would do again, just maybe when I'm a little older. 

On our first day, lounging around the pool.

The view from our hotel bungalow.

Huts at the  Friguia Animal Park.

Me riding a camel! 

Zulu dancer at our dinner. 

Tunisian dancer. 
Authentic tunisian pottery. 

Market Fever: Africa's largest street market. 

If I had enough room in my suitcase one of those lanterns would have been mine aha!

The view at wine tasting, we may have gotten a little carried away!

Maria, myself and Emily.  
And thats all folks, I hope enjoyed this post. I am going to try and upload some more life and arty posts soon! 

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