Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cushion Crazy.

A couple of posts ago I did a picture by picture how to for making cushion covers and in the past week I decided to make a couple more. I've been really into patterns lately and when looking through the bag of material we have I noticed there wasn't really many patterned pieces that I liked very much and instead of going out and spending money, I thought about recycling old bedsheets, pillowcases and quilt covers. I came to this thought as recently as I had just purchased some amazing orange and white bedsheets from Ikea and wondered what kind of cool designs some of our old bedsheets had. Luckily we actually had quite a few and my mother was happy to let me cut them up and use them. 
I'm thinking about making a bunch of them and even getting some more cheap material to make a few more and sell some. My dad is thinking about a car boot sale later on in the summer and thought what better place to try and sell a few. Who knows, someone out there might actually like them enough to want some aha! 
It appears that at the moment we have only very old, retro looking sheets but I personally love them! The patterns and especially the colours in mish mash case (not sure what I would call that really). 

Let me know what you think, if you like the patterns, would be interested in buying something like this. Feedback is always great! 

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