Sunday, 15 December 2013

Graduation Project 1 - The Brain

Everything About One Thing || Brief ||

Gather a complete knowledge about one single thing and make that accessible for the public in the form of either a book, magazine or digital presences.  

At the start of this project I thought about many possibilities for my topic a lot of which were personal interests but wanted to chose a subject that I wasn't so familiar with and something I could really question. I did a few idea generating games such as hot potato and word association and eventually came to the brain. A subject that we know of but don't fully understand, thus started some intense and quite tedious researching.

I started by looking a basic facts and information, the kind of information we learnt about in school and the kind of information that we grow up knowing.
I thought this would be a great topic as I think there are still so many thing to learn about the brain and there are so many myths and mysteries, I thought it would be interesting to investigate.

Alongside basic information I have also started looking into things that we don't fully understand, things that perhaps the brain cannot work out, to answer the questions that we might not understand like where memories are stored, how perception works and whether religion is something that is automatically in the brain and where that might be stored.

After starting my initial research I moved on to looking at visuals, how the brain was used in information, how its used in simple design and how different ways showing the brain, for example the materials that I could use to make/draw/design the brain. This helped but I was still unsure of what I wanted to do with the information and how to make it more visually interesting. After a tutorial, one of my tutors told me about The Human Body App designed by Kelli Anderson. In short she designs and made the human body from card and paper and produced a stop motion of the functions, it's a brilliant app to help teach and got me thinking about more exciting and fun ways to help me use my information. 

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At the moment I am still working through the information and developing a few ideas but hopefully soon I will have some more development to show you all. Although its quite a large and quite difficult topic, I think with the directions I'm going with this I'll be able to meet the brief and come out with an outcome to add to my portfolio. 
In my next post I'll be sharing my assessment boards basically explaining my thoughts progress and outcome ideas! 

I'd love to hear what you think, whether this is good idea for a project?, what you would do your project about? etc I'm always interested to know! 
Until then thanks! 

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