Friday, 13 December 2013

Dirtyface Live Presents:

This event happened a while ago now but sadly have only now gotten the chance to write a post about it so please excuse how late it is aha!  

A couple of months ago Nikita found out about this amazing evening of live art taking place at the Millennium Gallery here in Sheffield and curated by Dirtyface. Dirtyface  are group of artists and designers from around the world working with other artists and designers. Website here. 
The evening held was an opportunity to see some of the UK's most talented contemporary artists each with their own themed performances. A great chance to see amazing artists live at work, doing what they do best.
The night itself was fantastic! The atmosphere was great, a real buzz around the room, the interaction from the artists to the audience and just to be in a great creative space surrounded by creative people was inspiring.
A personal favourite of the evening and a great addition to the evening was the interactive piece that Sheffield designer Nick Deakin put together. A mural of his work on the wall which was open for the audience to get involved with and add to.
Here are a few pictures of a couple of friends taking part and adding there artistic touch.

It was an amazing night and another highlight for me was definitely seeing Jon Burgerman's skype live drawing session. I've been a big fan of his work since college and to interact and watch him at work was amazing. You will have to excuse the quite poor quality of the images, they were taken on my phone but here are some pictures of the evening that I wanted to share with you. 

Taken from the website
"Perhaps our biggest coup to date, Jon will be performing live via satellite (sputnik we think) link from New York. He'll be digitally illustrating, reacting to live audience participation via his twitter feed and web cam. Jon's work is internationally renowned and we're privileged to bring his own unique style of illustration to Sheffield's leading contemporary art space, Millennium Gallery.

The live art cube featuring Tom J Newell, Guy Mckinley, Craww and Jo Peel will demonstrate the art of live illustration. There are no themes, limitations or restrictions. Each artist is free to express their style. Our ethos has always been to showcase talent rather than constrain it, so we want you to enjoy these artists for what they do best!

Nick Deakin will provide a very special mural collaboration by creating a giant colouring book, all that's left to complete the mural is your input! We're inviting the people of Sheffield (any beyond) to team up with Nick and help finish off his large scale mural by colouring the thing in. All materials will be provided on the night so just bring your imagination.

As part of Nick's mural project we'll be releasing a limited edition screen print on the night, featuring Nick's mural design. It's your very own colouring in print! Screen printing courtesy of Crow and Dunnage.

Jon Boam will be illustrating his very own character work onto our custom, dirtyface toy. Get up close and person with Jon by working up your very own mock up of Jon's character. More will be revealed on the night.

Get Perspective will feature the work of Rob Lee, a talented, geometric artists hailing from Sheffield. Rob's work is all about the live experience and the position from which it's viewed. We're expecting big things from Rob in the coming years and it's a great opportunity to showcase the work of a chap forging a unique style, something that's quite rare in this day and age.

And finally...Mr Silvester will bring the seaside to Sheffield (almost) as his Facetime project allows you to put yourself in the artwork. Bring your cameras as the best Facetime image / clip wins some very special dirtyface goodies.

Ohhh, and we'll also be treated to the very talented work of Dj Andy H, providing the beats on the night. "
The can't say enough about how great the evening was and a big thank you to Dirtyface for putting it on, it really inspired me and I really hope they produce something like this again in the future. 
I shall end this lengthy post with this picture of the gang from the evening. 


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