Thursday, 8 August 2013

What I've been up to

                                                                                                        So as myself and my mum had a day off work on Tuesday we decided to take a little day trip out somewhere different and decided upon the british seaside, Great Yarmouth to be exact. We have always been one of those families how never really went on extravagant, exotic holidays but enjoyed good 'ol british holidays and when I say this I mean a lot of my holidays took place in caravan parks and seaside towns, not for everyone but I loved them. 
My family pretty much stopped doing holidays this means that I haven't really been to a seaside town in a while. Great Yarmouth I believe was one of the most visited holidays and I vividly remember always bugging my parents to take me to the amusement park and of course the Sealife Centre so we thought this would be a nice little trip to do and relive the past.  The weather was wonderful and me and mum had a lovely day. I of course took my camera and thought I would share a few pictures I took at the Sealife centre. 

Giant Japanese Spider Crab ( bloody huge, beautiful but terrifying) 

After the Sealife centre we had a wonder down a very busy Regent st and into town before stopping off for some delicious  seaside snack. The experience of going back to Yarmouth was indeed very odd, everything seemed so much bigger and better and brighter as a kid, not saying it wasn't a nice day out but its strange how when you grow up you appreciate and see things differently. All the fun shops that I used to love going into are actually just filled to the brim with cheesey souvenirs and tat and the best thing about it is the view, sitting by the sea front and enjoying a good ice cream, simple. 


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