Saturday, 31 August 2013

Emma Makes A Terrarium...

Hello there!
I thought I'd do a quick and simple little post for you all so enjoy!

So as you may already know I love plants and have recently caught a case of the green fingers! I follow and read a lot of interior and D.I.Y blogs and had been seeing a lot of pictures of Terrariums floating around and thought it was such a great idea to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors and decided that I wanted to make my own to decorate my room at university. 
Luckily my family are quite the hoarders and accumulate a lot of stuff and luckily I found this gem. This star shaped box I guess you'd call it is actually a lampshade that I think my dad found somewhere. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be the perfect thing to make my terrarium in. All I had to do next was get some small plants to fit inside. 
 I went for a cacti and succulent, this is because they are very easy plants to look after and come in great sizes. Being at university I thought it would be sensible to have something that didn't take too much time and effort. All I had to do next was make it so here we go! 


I'm really happy with the way it looks and think it's going to look great sitting on my window ledge. Its such a simple but cute little piece to add to a room. 
I hope you liked this post and please let me know if you have or decide to make your own terrarium, I'd love to see them! 

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