Sunday, 21 October 2012

Applying for the future

As I'm now in the second year of university it come to the point where we need to start thinking about the possibly job opportunities and the future. As one of our first briefs we have been asked to produce a cover letter, a CV and portfolio to be saved as a pdf. This is to be like a practice run for applying for a job. At the beginning of the brief we were asked to fill out a self evaluation and find and company/job etc that we would like to apply for and hopefully work for in the future. I picked one of my favourite magazines, Hunger Magazine for my job spec.

If you don't already know what it is then there is a  click through link to the website, I also did a post about it a while back here

Although I sometimes get very stressed out doing it, layouts are one of my favourite things about design, wether is laying  something out in a sketchbook or uploading something online, It always find I become a bit of a perfectionist about it.

I thought as I was going to be making this mock application for Hunger, I would have a look through the magazines to try and inspire myself for my own layouts for my cover letter etc.
Other than getting ideas, I've just been trying to write up cover letter and drawing up wire frames.

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