Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The preparation for the Orfordness shoot continues...

So Mikaela kindly came over with a bag full of tricks and when I say tricks I mean a bag full of wonderful clothes and possible outfits for the shoot. I've always trusted Mikaela's style and opinion when it comes to clothes so I though what better person to style it.

After having a look through the old pictures and the clothes she had bought with her we tried to pick out a specific style that would work well with the location. We decided on the word edgy. Once Mikaela had laid out all the outfits we did a few tester photos to see how they look on camera and trying out a few poses. I'm quite lucky in that Mikaela never feels completely uncomfortable in front of the camera and is always willing to listen to direction (even though I am awful at giving it) and also throwing her own mix into things. She's a great partner to work with which is why I guess I have used her so many times before.

The two top outfits are pretty much what we ended up going with. We thought that because of the harshness that might be some of the buildings that an all black outfit wouldn't quite stand out enough. We picked the purple dress because it would be such a contrast to the area in which I want to photograph her in and because I just think it really shows off the look we were going for.  

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