Thursday, 6 September 2012

Orfordness Shoot 5th September / Location & thoughts

Orfordness is such a great location to visit and so peaceful, we took the ferry over about 12 o'clock and had a ramble around the base looking for some good locations to start shooting. We gladly had the weather on our side which means I was able to get some really nice natural lighting in my images. 

 For the past two evenings I've spent my time going through and editing the images from the shoot and I'm really happy with some of the pictures I've gotten. Although I managed to take about 200 images I've only really gotten a handful of final images that at the moment I am completely happy with.
I always find that quality is better than quantity so it never bothers me if at the end of the day I only end up with about three images to show for it. I find that I'm very judgemental of my own work and I find it very difficult to submitting or even showing other people my work unless I'm confident about it.

This part of the base is one of my favourites but sadly because of the state of the building its unsafe and inaccessible, however I managed to poke my camera through a hole in the wall to get a few other images of it. I think it would be such an amazing place to do a shoot but I'm not sure I want to risk breaking in and getting caught!. 

Whilst we there we also took the time to just enjoy the surroundings as the base leads on to a beach. I would recommend going to visiting if you don't mind walking and find that kind of thing interesting. This has been the second time I've visited and I do hope it won't be the last. Its so strange to also see certain parts of it and how its changed over the past year, for example the restricted area. Last time I visited most of it was flooded out. 

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