Friday, 3 January 2014

Oh Hello 2014

I hope everyone has had a marvellous christmas and new years and, hello 2014! 
I honestly can't fathom how quickly this last year has gone by and how much has been and gone. I know I have been very slack with the holidays and all but I thought as the first post of the year I would a little resolutions post. 
Now I'm not normally one for making resolutions because to be honest with you, they end up lasting about a week but I though this year I would make more of an effort and actually make some realistic ones until the typical "be healthier" etc aha! So here goes; 

1. Travel!! || This one is very important, this year I want to travel more. I've done a pretty good job so far of managing to go away a couple times a year to somewhere new and I don't want that to change at all. Especially that I'm now in my final university year and this might be one of the last chances to book holidays with certain people, I want to grab the opportunity by the horns so to speak.  

2. Learn More || By this I mean read more, visit more exhibitions and galleries, go to more museums, teach myself more tips and tricks on software etc. I feel like with graphic design, so much changes so quickly, no one wants to get stuck behind, that I want to try and absorb as much information as my poor brain can handle. 

3. Collaborate || Collaborating is so important and so much fun. Our tutors at uni are really pushing on this, this year and I think its brilliant, the opportunity to work with some amazing people with amazing skills and produce some great work together. What could be better. 

4. Get More Organised || I feel like this one I do have every year and in some ways I manage to keep it up and in some cases I don't aha! But I do want to try and organise my life and work a little better, and hopefully this will help to stress out a lot less too! 

5. Collage More || This is one I really really want to keep up, I absolutely love doing weird little collages but always end up either not having spare time or getting put off because there completely for no reason. If anything that should be a reason to keep doing them. 

6. Go On More Walks || I love going for walks, dragging people on walks, taking my camera out on them or just wandering around aimlessly with my ipod. Never the less I don't seem to go on as many as I'd like and I really need to try and make an effort to. 

7. Take More Photos || This kind of ties in with the going on more walks, I need to start leaving the house with a camera in my bag or something and taking more pictures of everything. Especially like I said it being my final year, I want to remember every moment of it. 

8. Worry Less About What Other People Think || This is also a very important one for myself. I sometimes get a little too worked up about it and it stops me trying new things and doing things I love. It's one of those things thats always just been how I am but I'm bored and annoyed with it and deciding to do something about it. 

Lets see how many of these I manage to keep up and which fall through the cracks aha! Wish me luck and I hope everyone is having a good start to the year! 

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