Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New Projects//Procrastination

So currently at university we've begun a new project, the self directed brief, which is actually really interesting and great because of course its self directed and get to make, design, create anything we want. For mine I'm producing a booklet/magazine for freshers. At the beginning of my first year I remember getting a lot of leaflets about events at clubs and club nights etc, but remember never really getting any information about things and places to visit in the city that weren't club based. I want to change that by producing a booklet/magazine that encourages students to explore the new city there in, starting with Sheffield. The idea is that these booklets/magazines will be available in every student city. I'm actually feeling quite good about the whole project, I'm sorting through all my research and slowing piecing together a few things but still I keep hitting the same road block... Procrastination. 
No matter how much I'm into this project I always find myself procrastination one way or another, the making of this post being a perfect example of this. 
I always find doing uni work quite difficult when I come back to the family home, I don't have a desk and for some reason I just cant fully concentrate on anything productive. I can however spend hours playing around with photoshop or making a mess and doing work which is completely irrelevant. 

I did however buy something slightly productive and useful, I manage to stumble across the book "Information is beautiful by David McCandless" Which is a brilliant info graphics book which I would highly recommend if your into that kind of thing or just really enjoy beautiful graphs! Anyway this was only about £4.99 from the works which is a complete bargain as the RRP is about £20! 

Now I really must to try and find a good working space in this house and crack on. Until then, I assume I'm going to keep making a mess of things like this. 

From the pictures taken on the ramble in Ecclesall & Whiteley woods

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